BBC Studios’ new streaming service, BBC SELECT, launched in the U.S. and Canada in February this year on Amazon Prime Video and the Apple TV app.  It has a rich line up of all-new documentaries and series, many of which are territory premieres.  Adding to the programming slate, the UK content distributor Beyond Rights and BBC SELECT have just completed a deal for a range of new titles.


·      The $50 Million Art Swindle (1 x 90) from acclaimed director Vanessa Engle and Top Hat Productions, this tells the story of New York art dealer Michel Cohen who swindled over $50 million from the art establishment before going on the run from the FBI for 18 years. It is now streaming on BBC SELECT.


·      World’s Greatest Paintings (10 x 60), from Lambent Production and presented by BBC journalist Andrew Marr, the series reveals the stories behind ten of the greatest paintings, from conception, creation, and public reception to the surprising life of the canvasses across generations. The ten paintings are Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Picasso’s Weeping Woman, Monet’s Waterlilies, Turners’ Fighting Temeraire, Velazquez’s Rokeby Venus, Millais’ Ophelia, Rembrandt’s Night-Watch, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Constable’s Hay-WainIt will stream on BBC SELECT, May 24


·      How I Created a Cult (3 x 60), Conscious Life’s in-depth look at U.S. cult leader Andrew Cohen, one of the most notorious gurus of the last 30 years, and examines what attracts people to charismatic leaders and how the best of intentions can turn dark when authoritarian power structures benefit those in power. Streaming in May. It will stream on BBC SELECT, May 31


·      A Brief History of Graffiti (1 x 60) is from Kaboom Film & TV and follows Dr Richard Clay as he goes in search of what it is that has made us scribble and scratch mementoes of our lives.  From the prehistoric cave paintings of Burgundy in France, through gladiatorial fan worship in Roman Lyon to the messages on the walls of Germany’s Reichstag in 1945. Premiere date TBC


·      Trump in Tweets (1 x 60) from Wonderhood Studios examines Donald Trump’s love affair with social media. Using his tweets, it shows how the former President came of age on Twitter, from a technophobe to a serial tweeter.  Premiere date TBC


·      Starbucks & Nespresso: The Truth About Your Coffee (1 x 35), TI Productions’ investigation into the use of child labour in coffee bean harvesting travels to Guatemala to discover young children working long hours in gruelling conditions to pick coffee beans that supply these two coffee giants. Premiere date TBC


·      Dark Son (3 x 60) a true crime series from Monster Films about suspected serial killer Harold Jones, referred to as the ‘Dark Son’ in his small Welsh town where he grew up. Premiere date TBC


Sherry Fynbo, Beyond Rights’ EVP sales for North America who negotiated the deal, comments: “BBC Select offers an exciting new destination in the U.S. and Canada for thought-provoking content that generates lively discussion and debate. We are delighted to have provided so many top tier titles from UK producer partners to add to its line-up.”


Jon Farrar, Editor in Chief, BBC SELECT says: “BBC SELECT is all about culture, politics and ideas and the Beyond Rights catalogue has some standout content on all three areas. I think the content will have real resonance with our subscribers.”