Absolute Genius With Dick & Dom

Genre: 6+ Years, Live Action

Duration: 20 x 30’

Year of Production: 2013 – 2014

Production Company: CBBC Productions

Commissioned By: CBBC UK

Definition: HD

From Archimedes to Faraday, Dick and Dom explore the work of the most important inventors and scientists in history. In each episode they reveal a pioneer in science, engineering or culture who had a genius idea that helped shape the world. Dick and Dom look at surviving examples of their inventions in our everyday lives. Inspired to come up with their own genius idea, Dick and Dom attempt to defy the laws of gravity by riding The Wall of Death, recording their own version of the Doctor Who theme tune with a twist, demonstrating the explosive power of poo and even attempting a journey into space. It is fun, entertaining and humorous, yet the show sets out to educate and introduce audiences to a diverse range of historical figures.

Series 1: 10 x 30’ 2013, Series 2: 10 x 30’ 2014

Winner (2014): Children's Presenter, BAFTA Awards

Nominated (2014): Best Non-Animated or Mixed Series, Kidscreen Awards

Nominated (2013): Children's Factual, BAFTA Awards