Addicted to the Life

Genre: Crime & Investigation

Duration: 12 x 30’

Year of Production: 2013

Production Company: Story House Productions

Commissioned By: ID. Investigation Discovery USA and OWN Canada

Definition: HD

Once crime pays, there is no turning back

Addicted to the Life tells the stories of everyday men and women who get caught up in a life of crime and can’t break the habit. Driven by ambition, greed, fear, even love, once they’re hooked their morals are no match for the lavish lifestyle and the gripping adrenaline rush that comes with danger and deception. But the ‘highs’ come with a staggering price tag, from broken bones to broken dreams, to time behind bars and even death. These are cautionary tales of crime by people not so different from the rest of us – a high school track phenomenon turned drug queen pin, an all-American suburban father turned safecracker and a foreign prince turned murderer. They all paid a terrible price and have unbelievable true stories to tell.