Ainsley Eats the Streets

Genre: Travel & Adventure, Food & Drink

Duration: 10x60

Year of Production: 2014

Production Company: Snap TV

Broadcaster: Channel 4

Definition: HD

In every major city, there are countless culinary narratives going on; ones that tourists often miss on their packed sight-seeing days. We might traipse across town to a historic cathedral, but we’re all too guilty of taking the easy route when it comes to food – refuelling from boring tourist traps rather than exploring local cooking. Yet with a little bit of digging, we could uncover endless stories of remarkable and delicious cooking in every major city – and it would tell us as much about the destination and its inhabitants as any sparkling tourist attraction.

The cities visited are:

Barbados, Fes, Istanbul, Madrid, Osaka, Penang, Reykjavik, Sicily, Taipei, Amman.

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2014