All for One With Debbie Travis

Genre: Home & Garden

Duration: 7 x 60'

Year of Production: 2011

Production Company: Whalley-Abbey Media

Commissioned By: CBC Canada

Definition: HD

Nowadays people think that great communities are a thing of the past – that only in the “good ol’ days” did neighbours know each other’s names. But Debbie Travis is on an ambitious journey to prove that community is alive and well. In each episode, Debbie visits a different town or city where she surprises the locals with plans for a stunning home construction project as a reward for an unsuspecting community hero. What the community doesn’t know is that Debbie is on her own. She has the plans, the supplies and the know-how but there is no big team of professionals to do the job – volunteers have to step in and come together to do the work themselves; and they have only 5 days to do it! We quickly learn that while everyone is full of good intentions, a few days of backbreaking labour can easily take the wind out of the volunteers’ sails. And as the days slip away and the tension mounts, Debbie finds she has to use every tool at her disposal – charm, humour and plenty of good old-fashioned arm-twisting. Will she be able to make magic happen and leave a home, and community, transformed forever? Or will she be left in the rubble?