The Amazing Extraordinary Friends

Genre: Drama & Comedy, Kids

Duration: 39 x 30’

Year of Production: 2006 – 2008

Production Company: Greenstone

Commissioned By: TVNZ New Zealand

Definition: SD

Ben Wilson, an ‘ordinary’ teenager, goes on a school trip and finds a mysterious metal insignia. The insignia turns him into Captain Extraordinary (Captain X), a superhero with great powers. But being Captain X brings Ben no end of grief. He hasn’t even mastered flying and suddenly he’s expected to save the city from all kinds of villainous plots. But with the help of his family and friends who turn into Captain X’s sidekicks, Captain X can save the city.

Series 1: 13 x 30’ 2006, Series 2: 13 x 30’2007, Series 3: 13 x 30’ HD 2008

Winner (2011): Award for Advancement of Television Drama, Seoul International Drama Awards

Finalist (2011): Best Children's Programme, AFTA Aotearoa (New Zealand) Film & TV Awards

Finalist (2008): Best Juvenile Drama, Seoul International Drama Awards