Ancient Tracks

Genre: History

Duration: 7 x 60’

Year of Production: 2016 – 2018

Production Company: Doubleband Films

Commissioned By: Channel 4 UK

Definition: HD

Capturing Britain's most scenic ancient tracks

In this series, presenter and amateur historian Tony Robinson (Time Team, Channel 4 UK), makes his way along Britain’s most scenic and captivating ancient tracks. These are trails whose origins are lost in antiquity and existed from earliest prehistoric times but can still be walked today. Revealing and unexpected, Ancient Tracks is a series that delivers the best of the British landscape, captured in stunning aerial drone photography, along with the ancient stones, myths and stories, past and present, of these wonderful walkways. Ancient Tracks weaves archaeology with on-location interviews to bring the history of the tracks to life as we snake through landscape and time.

Series 1: 3 x 60’ 2016 
Series 2: 4 x 60’ 2018