Anh Does...

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Duration: 10 x 60’

Year of Production: 2013 - 2015

Production Company: Seven Productions

Commissioned By: Seven Network Australia

Definition: HD

Anh Does... is a travel and lifestyle show presented by comedian Anh Do on the Seven Network. It premiered in 2012 with the two-part series Anh Does Vietnam, in which he revisited the country of his birth, Vietnam. This series was followed by Anh Does Britain in 2013 where Anh visited Great Britain and Ireland and continued with other destinations.

Anh Does Italy

Anh Do travels to Italy to discover what it means to live “La bella vita”, the beautiful life. From the Italian Alps in the north to the southern heel, Anh meets with families, enjoys adventures and eats delicious food. Anh begins his journey in the Italian Alps to try his hand at a local mating dance called slap dancing and attempts bubble football. Arriving in Venice, Anh learns the art of controlling a gondola with the help of Franco, a seventh generation gondolier. Ready to head south, he mixes it with an opera-singing flash mob in Verona, drives a handmade Lamborghini, enters a game of cheese bowling and races a chariot. Finally Anh arrives in Bari, a hidden gem of the Adriatic, where the seafood nearly walks out of the ocean and onto the plate. At the end, he realises living “La bella vita” is simple – good food shared with friends in the most beautiful places.

Anh Does Scandinavia & Iceland

Comedian Anh Do travels to Scandinavia and Iceland to find out what makes the locals officially the happiest people on earth. Anh travels from the magnificent fjords of the Scandinavian wilderness to the vibrant capitals of Stockholm and Copenhagen, before heading north to the land of fire and ice, Iceland. Along the way Anh tries their games, tastes local delicacies ranging from sheep’s eyes to rotten shark, plus introduces us to the secrets of Scandinavian happiness. Beyond the extraordinary natural beauty of these countries, Anh’s journey will reveal the diverse cultural traditions and history that has shaped the resilient people who live on top of the world.

Anh Does Brazil

Anh Do is back on the road and travelling to Brazil to experience the energy and sense of adventure surrounding the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. To kick things off Anh travels to Rio de Janeiro to brush up on his Samba and take part in the biggest party on the planet, Carnival. Rounding out episode one, Anh is invited into a dangerous favela, tries the daredevil sport of waterfall surfing and gets friendly with some deadly creatures in the Amazon jungle. The second episode begins in Sao Paolo, home to 20 million people, where the mega-rich use helicopters to beat the massive traffic jams. Anh gets creative with a world-famous street artist before travelling north to discover the beats of Salvador, and finally dons some leather chaps for a cattle muster. Wherever he goes, Anh brings us his unique take on the family life, culture and regional cuisines that fuel the extraordinary melting pot that is Brazil.

Anh Does Britain

Comedian Anh Do follows up his travelogue to Vietnam with his next journey of discovery through Great Britain. Setting foot on British soil for the first time, Anh sets out to uncover the more unique aspects of the nation and its people, travelling from south to north, through England, Wales and Scotland. This is no ordinary tour of Great Britain. Along the way he meets the world’s best parallel parkers, perfects the game of Quidditch, eats the world’s hottest curry, takes on a stinging nettle-eating legend, appears in a Beatles cover band and competes in a toe wrestling competition.

Anh Does Vietnam

Australian-Vietnamese comedy icon Anh Do returns to Vietnam and takes us on his journey from South to North to rediscover the land of his birth. In this two-part series, Anh takes you on a Vietnamese adventure through his eyes, where he shows us local family life, incredible culinary delights and the best adventures that Vietnam has to offer. Anh is seeking to discover just how different his life would’ve been had his family not escaped the war and moved to Australia when he was just two years old. How would he be living in Vietnam and what job would he be doing? Beyond the sights and smells and the extraordinary natural beauty of Vietnam, Anh’s journey will reveal the diverse cultural traditions and history that have formed this indomitable nation. By journey’s end we will know why Vietnam is now one of Asia’s most attractive and fascinating destinations for travellers of all ages.

Anh Does Britain 2 x 60’ 2013 
Anh Does Vietnam 2 x 60’ 2013 
Anh Does Brazil 2 x 60’ 2014 
Anh Does Scandinavia & Iceland 2 x 60’ 2014 
Anh Does Italy 2 x 60’ 2015