Animal 999

Genre: Animals, Pets & Their Owners, All

Duration: 85 x 30’

Year of Production: 2012 – 2019

Production Company: Demus Productions

Commissioned By: STV Scotland

Definition: HD

On the front-line in the fight against animal cruelty

Animal 999 is the ‘access all areas’ pass, showing how the Scottish SPCA rescues thousands of pets, farm animals and wildlife. Animals are nursed back to health and released into the wild or they are found forever homes with loving new owners. The programmes take viewers onto the frontline in the battle to save all animals, focusing on the rewarding work of this team of dedicated and passionate professionals. Animal 999 shows the lengths officers go to in order to rescue and re-home dogs, cats, horses and the like as well as their work in saving wildlife, including foxes, deer and eagles in Scotland’s magnificent scenery.

Series 1: 8 x 30’ 2012
Series 2: 12 x 30’ 2013
Series 3: 10 x 30’ 2014
Series 4: 10 x 30’ 2015
Series 5: 14 x 30’ 2016
Series 6: 15 x 30’ 2017
Series 7: 16 x 30’ 2019