Animal Emergency

Genre: Animals, Pets & Vets

Duration: 5x60'

Year of Production: 2021

Production Company: Scratch Films

Broadcaster: Virgin Ireland

Definition: HD

All creatures great and small in need of help

The UCD Veterinary Hospital, based in Dublin, is a unique environment that prides itself on its speciality services, delivered with modern equipment and cutting-edge technology, serving the veterinary profession's needs and the animal-owning public. With extraordinary access, Animal Emergency takes us to its beating heart, giving an emotional insight into the highs and lows of Ireland’ premier vet hospital. 

The real stars of the show are the resilient animals and their loving owners who must juggle heartache, fear and hope as the dedicated hospital staff try to save the day. Over the course of this wonderful series, we meet Bonnie, a Labrador pup who needs life-saving heart surgery, exotic parrot Cookie, who has swallowed a magnet, and Scribbly Gum, a wild young seal with a badly damaged eye, who’s in need of surgery to restore his sight.