Aussie Truck Rehab

Genre: Reality

Duration: 6 x 60'

Year of Production:

Production Company: Ronde Media

Definition: HD

Big truck restorer Jon Kelly dices with financial disaster, sky high ambitions, mechanical dramas and his own red-hot personality, as he sets out on an all or nothing mission to build Australia’s greatest truck rehab business.

This series follows Jon and his team, along with their customers, his trucks - and the characters who populate Jon’s world, as he uses every trick in the book to establish his new firm. On the way he completes a series of meticulous restoration projects and battles his way back to the glory days of Aussie trucking.

Faced with severe financial jeopardy, punishing schedules, mechanical nightmares, craft-based challenges and his own short-fused negotiating style, Jon must steer his way to success and avoid the same dramas that sank his previous business.