Bismarck: 24 Hours to Doom

Genre: History

Duration: 1x60'

Year of Production: 2021

Production Company: Screen Story

Broadcaster: Channel 4

Definition: HD

Shedding new light on one of World War 2’s most epic sea battles


Based on Iain Ballantyne’s best-selling book, 24 Hours to Doom, this documentary provides a thrilling countdown of the Bismarck’s final 24 hours in May 1941. Britain is in shock: the pride of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood, is destroyed in eight minutes by Bismarck, the Nazis’ newest battleship. On the loose in the North Atlantic, and threatening Britain’s vital supply lines, Churchill give orders to hunt down and sink the Bismarck.


Over the course of 24 hours, it becomes a dramatic fight to the finish - from the sea and the air - between 5000 men of the Royal Navy and 2600 servicemen of Hitler’s Kreigsmarine, and thousands die. Featuring powerful, previously unseen testimony from servicemen who were there, as well as stunning CGI and dramatic reconstruction, it all adds up to a tense and authentic hour, with a dramatic countdown arc bringing viewers closer to the reality of this famous wartime event than ever before.