Body Donors – Life after Death

Genre: Documentaries, Reality

Duration: 2 x 60’

Year of Production: 2015

Production Company: Daisybeck Studios and GroupM Entertainment

Commissioned By: Channel 5 UK

Definition: HD

This insightful documentary follows the journeys of two people who courageously decide to donate their bodies to medical science. Our two donors, Mike Bowyer and Diana King, have both chosen to bequeath their bodies to science. In the months leading up to their deaths, we tell their stories, meet their loved ones and find out why they decided to donate their bodies. As their journeys beyond death begin, we follow them through two medical institutes where their bodies take on a life of their own. Mike becomes a valuable learning tool for anatomy students during a ‘Meet the Cadaver’ session and Diana helps surgeons master pioneering techniques for hip replacements. When their bodies are no longer needed, a final memorial service brings staff, students and relatives together to acknowledge the donors’ massive contribution to medical science.

Winner (2016): Factual Series, Royal Television Society Yorkshire Awards