Brent Owens - Extreme, Authentic & Unwrapped

Genre: Food & Drink

Duration: 13 x 30’

Year of Production: 2016

Production Company: Oxyg3n Media

Commissioned By: Discovery Channel South Africa

Definition: HD

This series follows Masterchef Australia winner Brent Owens as he explores South Africa to discover its beautiful and diverse cultures and terrain. Experience both the extreme and the authentic as Brent unearths real food and adventure. He gets stuck into the kitchen with some of the country’s most established chefs, finding Sowetan street fare, seafood delicacies, the best city-grown farm produce, traditional Afrikaans comfort food, and the famous South African braai. As he travels the length of the country, he also tries out every bit of adventure he can get his hands on, freefalling in Soweto, shark diving in the Western Cape, game drives in Sabi and bungee jumping from Bloukrans. On his journey, Brent reveals the moving, the inspirational, and sometimes bizarre, people and places that make South Africa truly unique.