Genre: Home & Garden

Duration: 13 x 30'

Year of Production: 2019 - 2020

Production Company: RTR Media

Commissioned By: HGTV USA

Definition: HD

DIY guru Dani Berger and Home Decor expert Alexandra Gater are on a mission to help people decide whether to buy or DIY items for their home.

However, the decision whether to buy an expensive item from a store or to make it themselves and save lots of money raises the burning predicament of TIME vs QUALITY vs MONEY. What if their DIY skills aren’t up to the job? What if it ends up costing the same as buying it in the rst place?

Should they go out and just buy an item and save valuable time instead? In this series we see how the decision to buy or DIY is not one to be made lightly!

Series 1: 7 x 30’ 2019
Series 2: 6 x 30’ 2020