Buyers Bootcamp

Genre: Home & Garden

Duration: 10 x 60’ + 1 x 60’ pilot

Year of Production: 2018

Production Company: McGillivray Entertainment

Commissioned By: DIY Network USA and HGTV Canada

Definition: HD

Real estate rookies learn from the master

Host of the hit makeover series Income Property, Scott McGillivray is taking his passion for real estate investing to a whole new level in this brand new series. With years of real estate and home renovation experience under his belt, Scott knows a thing or two about selling properties for profit. And now he’s lending a helping hand to amateur investors by showing them how it’s done. Each episode follows Scott as two potential investors each make a pitch to him about the benefits of investing in their property. He then chooses the property that he thinks offers the best opportunity. Investing his own money to pay for the renovation, Scott teaches these newbies everything he knows about how to renovate to maximise the property’s perceived value. Along with his new partners, he will have to work night and day to get the project completed on time and on budget. If they succeed they split the profits, and if they fail, they fail together.