Buzzy Bee & Friends

Genre: Animation, Pre-school

Duration: 52 x 7’

Year of Production: 2011 – 2012

Production Company: Lion Rock Ventures and Lemon Sky Animation

Commissioned By: TVNZ New Zealand

Definition: HD

In this charming CGI animated pre-school series, Buzzy Bee and his friends live together in a colourful little town called Rolling Downs. Buzzy, with his infectious positive attitude and wonderful kind manner, is our hero. Mary Lou and Oscar Ostrich are Buzzy’s right-hand helpers, along with other characters like boy racer Trikey Tom, cantankerous Driver Don, matronly Dorable Duck and her brood, and the sweet but very shy Elle-Gator. Stories revolve around the delightful calamities that Buzzy Bee and his friends resolve with cheerful aplomb. Each episode starts with Buzzy in his radio studio where callers, including viewers from around the world, phone in to find solutions to life’s little conundrums, illustrated by a story involving the Rolling Downs characters.