Canada's West Coast: An Untold Story

Genre: History

Duration: 4 x 60'

Year of Production: 2021

Production Company: Screen Siren

Commissioned By: Knowledge Network, Canada

Definition: HD

A story of resistance, persistence, resilience and co-existence

A story of resistance, persistence, resilience and co-existence 

This immersive, insightful, and dramatic documentary series takes us to Canada for a re-telling of the history of British Columbia. Driven by a pluralistic and multi-narrative approach, it successfully highlights the history, people, families, rebels, and the dreamers that shaped this westernmost province, through inclusive and diverse perspectives given by those who lived it and those who know it through a lifetime of study.

Using interviews, vivid archive, and captivating footage of the majestic landscape, the series is a richly textured look at a fascinating history, starting in the late 18th century and spanning 200 years. We’ll learn about early Indigenous resistance to settlers, the fight for equality by workers, the myriad immigrant stories that helped turn British Columbia into a centre for social activism and explore the ongoing issues around resources and extraction.