Carnival Eats

Genre: Lifestyle & Food, All

Duration: 104 x 30’

Year of Production: 2014 – 2020

Production Company: Alibi Entertainment

Commissioned By: Cooking Channel US & Food Network Canada

Definition: HD

Take a big juicy bite of Carnival Eats

Carnival Eats gives us an inside look at the mouth-watering and outrageous foods famously found at fairs and carnivals, the wacky characters who create them and the culinary thrill seekers who devour and delight in them. There is lots to do at a carnival. Playing the games, riding the rides, delighting in the noise and the neon lights. But for some, the best part of a carnival is the food, some of it unique. This series travels the length and breadth of North America and targets the culinary creations linked to fairgrounds. Calorie-loaded offerings include rattlesnake, frogs legs or okra, all deep-fried, and a decadent sundae of eight doughnuts topped with whipped cream, chocolate or caramel... and don’t forget the cherry! Host Noah Cappe, a novice cook, will eat anything he can while at the same time trying his hand at creating some of these incredible eats.

Series 1: 13 x 30’ 2014
Series 2: 13 x 30’ 2015
Series 3: 13 x 30' 2016
Series 4: 13 x 30’ 2017
Series 5: 13 x 30' 2018
Series 6: 13 x 30' 2019
Series 7: 13 x 30' 2019
Series 8: 12 x 30’ x 1 x 30' 'Best of' episode 2020

Nominated (2016): Best Lifestyle Program or Series, Canadian Screen Awards