Charlotte: My Story

Genre: Documentaries

Duration: 1 x 60’

Year of Production: 2013

Production Company: Greenstone

Commissioned By: TV3 New Zealand and New Zealand On Air

Definition: HD

Eight-year-old Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman has never known a life with limbs. At six months of age she contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia and doctors were forced to amputate part of her arms and legs. Charlotte: My Story starts when Charlotte is six and follows her journey to walk in her prosthetics. She is finding walking difficult and often painful, increasingly opting to use her power chair. Over a two-year period we follow Charlotte and her parents, who travel to the USA on a quest for new prosthetics. ‘Team Charlotte’ is finally positive that Charlotte’s future is up on her legs. Charlotte: My Story is a compelling, heartfelt documentary showing how the courage, determination and spirit of an eight-year-old girl can overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges life has thrown her way. 


Charlotte: My Story

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Baby Charlotte

Two-year-old Charlotte became the unwitting national face of Meningococcal B in New Zealand when she lost her legs and arms to the disease. Baby Charlotte charts her path from her hospital discharge onwards and details the hopes and fears of her parents who have had to make enormous changes to their lives. Her courage and ingenious adaptation to a life without limbs are captured in this acutely personal portrayal.

Charlotte: A Life Without Limbs

Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman is the youngest quadruple amputee in New Zealand. At six months of age she contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia and the infection claimed her arms and her legs. Too young to comprehend the extent of her disability at the time of her amputations, Charlotte must now adapt to a life without limbs. Since leaving hospital, Charlotte has had seventeen surgical procedures. The eighteenth is looming. This surgery will be to reshape her stumps so that prosthetic legs will be more comfortable. She is now ready to start daycare and it’s obvious from the very beginning that this opens up a whole new world of challenges. Her incredible achievements in the face of insurmountable odds are an extraordinary story. Charlotte: A Life Without Limbs is a truly heartfelt illustration of survival.

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Winner (2014): Best Documentary, TV Guide Best On The Box Awards