Chasing Monsters

Genre: Travel & Adventure, All

Duration: 42 x 60’

Year of Production: 2015 – 2020

Production Company: Untamed Productions

Commissioned By: Evasion Canada

Definition: HD & 4K

Up close with the planet's most dangerous underwater creatures

Join extreme adventurer Cyril Chauquet as he ventures into a world of mysterious and dangerous underwater creatures. From diving with a giant tiger shark in the Bahamas to dodging man-eating crocodiles while on the hunt for Africa’s largest freshwater fish, this adrenaline-packed series takes the viewer on an incredible adventure. Cyril explores the oceans, rivers and lakes of the globe to find the biggest fish he’s ever faced in some of the most remote areas of the world.

Series 5

Surviving in dangerously remote and unforgiving lands, Cyril is hot on the trail of the world’s most notoriously fearless predatory fish. In this series he finds himself struggling against harsh environments when he’s cast away on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean chasing the toothy ‘Dienton’, forced to dodge raging hippos in the jungle of Central Africa and wade through shark infested waters in Tahiti. This new thrilling season of Chasing Monsters is full of adventure, fascinating characters, and colossal fish!

Series 4

This new season of the adrenaline-packed series finds extreme angler and adventurer Cyril Chauquet tracking down more of the world’s mysterious and dangerous underwater beasts. He takes the viewer on an epic adventure to remote areas of the world, braving alligators, snapping turtles and poisonous snakes, to discover where these amazing creatures live.

Series 3

From surviving the rugged Amazon jungle, to finding some of the most dangerous fish in the world, this new season of Chasing Monsters finds extreme angler and adventurer Cyril Chauquet plunging even deeper into the world of mysterious and dangerous underwater beasts. In this series he tracks down the giant black piranha and the heart-stopping electric eel, goes scuba diving with massive caimans in Argentina's remote marshes and searches the Gulf of Mexico's murky waters for a frightening, unidentified creature!

Series 2

This adrenaline-packed series takes us on an incredible adventure to discover these amazing creatures and the remote areas of the world where they lurk, and seeks to answer mysterious questions along the way. Do barracudas really attack humans? Why do Gulf sturgeons jump and injure boaters? Can massive sharks and giant blue fin tuna be protected? With the help of passionate local experts, Chasing Monsters answers these questions and more as Cyril explores the oceans, rivers and lakes of the globe to find the biggest fish he’s ever faced.

Series 1

Chasing Monsters takes us on a mission to seek out colossal and dangerous underwater creatures in the most remote corners of the planet. From the shark-infested waters of Florida to the rug¬ged Brazilian Amazon, monster fish adventurer Cyril Chauquet tests the ferociousness of the alligator gar, fights huge catfish with his bare hands and battles with giant Mexican sailfish. This series explores the fascinating stories behind the elusive monster fish living in the hidden depths of the planet’s oceans, lakes and rivers and the adrenaline packed journeys to catch them!

Series 1: 12 x 60’ 2015
Series 2: 12 x 60’ 2016
Series 3: 6 x 60’ 2018 
Series 4: 6 x 60’ 2019
Series 5: 6 x 60' 2020

Series 3 - 5 available in 4K.