Circus Kids: Our Secret World

Genre: Documentaries

Duration: 3 x 60’ + 1 x 60’ compilation

Year of Production: 2017

Production Company: Drummer TV

Commissioned By: Channel 5 UK

Definition: HD

A revealing and honest insight into the world of Circus Kids

In this eye-opening documentary, we meet kids whose families stretch back 16 generations in the circus and others who have run away to follow their Big Top dreams. These kids are professional performers by the time most children start school, and enjoy a freedom that other kids could only dream of – but away from the bright lights of the Big Top, they live off-grid at an unforgiving pace. Many have never been to school, had a doctor or a dentist. In return for this freedom, they are expected to defend their territory, scrub toilets, sell candyfloss, hand out flyers and hold down the ties of the Big Top in a vicious storm, just as other kids are expected to do their homework and make their beds. In return, they are part of a loyal, tight community living and working together – it’s a life most find addictive and few will ever leave.