Dark Minds

Genre: Crime & Investigation

Duration: 20 x 60’ + 1 x 120’

Year of Production: 2011 – 2014

Production Company: Beyond Productions

Commissioned By: ID. Investigation Discovery USA

Definition: HD

Does it take a killer to catch a killer?

Men and women of law enforcement work hard to solve every murder but some cases remain stubbornly open; they run cold. Dark Minds reignites interest in these cases through two obsessive investigators; true crime author, M. William Phelps, and criminal profiler, John Kelly. They bring fresh eyes and a different perspective to the crimes, using the combined instincts of an investigative journalist, a psychological profiler and an anonymous serial killer serving multiple life-sentences. Together they review known evidence of each case and speculate who the killer might be. By talking to police, survivors, family members and experts, Phelps and Kelly build a profile of the murderer.

Series 1: 8 x 60’ 2011
Series 2: 8 x 60’ 2012
Series 3: 4 x 60’ + 1 x 120’ 2014