Design DNA

Genre: Reality, Home & Garden

Duration: 13 x 30’

Year of Production: 2011

Production Company: Castlewood Productions

Commissioned By: HGTV Canada

Definition: HD

These are the icons of design – we’ve seen them but we’ve never really heard the stories behind them. From conception to creation, Design DNA tells the birth stories of the beautiful and essential items in our homes. A biography of sorts where the hero may be an appliance, a gadget or a chair. Each episode features three essential pieces of home design – following the product from the first spark of conception, through the brilliance of the design to the final mechanics of the factory floor. Everyday items include the La-Z-Boy recliner, Miele washing machine, Umbra Garbino bin, Tupperware, Eames lounge chair, Toto toilet, Playmobil, Vaughan hammer, Jacuzzi, Pyrex, Maglite flashlight, Toro lawn mower and the Swiss Army knife. Audiences will appreciate the ultimate access inside some of the world’s top manufacturing plants, whilst admiring the artistic and practical design elements employed to make these cherished items an integral part of everyday life in a family home.

Nominated (2011): Best Lifestyle/Practical Information Series, Gemini Awards