Genre: Documentaries, Autumn 22

Duration: 6 x 60’

Year of Production: 2022

Production Company: October Films

Commissioned By: CNN, US

Definition: HD

Revealing a princess unlike any other

DIANA re-examines the life of an icon through the lens of modernity: reframing her story to discover the real woman behind the “People’s Princess”. It covers all the key periods in her life, from her childhood in Norfolk, to meeting the then Prince Charles and the Royal Wedding, and onto the ‘Diana Mania’ that saw her become a global superstar. It then charts the disintegration of the fairy tale marriage, the impact of the explosive BBC interview and her untimely death and lasting legacy.

Drawing on a new generation of voices, including interviews from those close to her, the series is a completely fresh take that reveals a princess unlike any other. A woman more complex than history has acknowledged, Diana was more in control of her destiny than previously understood. A feminist role model who was not afraid to show vulnerability and strength, Diana was truly a blueprint for the modern woman.