Dick 'N' Dom Go Wild

Genre: Live Action, 6+ Years

Duration: 40 x 30'

Year of Production: 2011

Production Company: True North Production

Commissioned By: CBBC UK

Definition: HD

Dick and Dom get their hands on back-stage passes for willing helpers to get stuck in at Britain’s busiest vets, wildlife sanctuaries and animal rescue centres. Their young volunteers are up for a massive challenge but they’re not all big animal lovers. Will a day on the frontline looking after wounded wildlife and poorly pets change their minds? For some recruits this is the first time they’ll have come into close contact with animals. Some of them aren’t allowed pets, others are scared of wild animals and many of them think that British wildlife is downright boring. Dick and Dom are out to show their volunteers that pets and wildlife really rock and that animals need their help!

Series 1: 20 x 30' 2011 
Series 2: 20 x 30' 2011