Dying for Everest

Genre: Documentaries

Duration: 1 x 60’

Year of Production: 2007

Production Company: Balance Vector Productions and Making Movies

Commissioned By: TV3 New Zealand

Definition: HD

When double amputee Mark Inglis reached the summit of Mount Everest he was feted by the press and public alike. But only a few days later Inglis was plunged into a storm of controversy when it was learned that he and his fellow mountaineers had passed an incapacitated climber, Englishman David Sharp, leaving him to a lonely death high in the Death Zone. In Dying for Everest we follow the mountaineers on their fateful summit bid and witness the powerful effect Everest has on the rules of survival until finally, at the end, we are able to pass judgement on the morality of climbing in the Death Zone.