Genre: History, Spring 22

Duration: 9x60

Year of Production: 2018-2022

Production Company: ITN Productions

Commissioned By: Channel 5

Definition: HD

Triumphs and tragedies: the complete story of Britain’s longest-serving monarch

In a brand-new episode, which brings the story of Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign right up to date for this Platinum Jubilee year, we detail how recent royal scandals, public family breakups and the tragic loss of her husband, not to mention the impact of a global pandemic, have led to trying times for the most enduring monarch that Britain has ever seen. Throughout, she has remained steadfast, defending the monarchy in its darkest hours and rallying the nation when it needed her most.

Over the course of her seven-decade rule, Elizabeth II has been served by over a dozen prime ministers, met the world’s greatest leaders, watched her offspring embroiled in a series of world-captivating scandals, and buried her mother, sister, iconic daughter-in-law and husband. She has seen her approval ratings plummet so low the monarchy itself was openly questioned, and later publicly rebounded to become the adoring “grandmother” of a grateful nation. Featuring interviews with prime ministers, royal household members and close friends, this series builds a uniquely personal and memorable picture of Queen Elizabeth II.

Series 1: 9x60