End of the Rope

Genre: Spring 22, Reality

Duration: 6 x 60’

Year of Production: 2022

Production Company: Big Coat Media

Commissioned By: Science, US / UKTV

Definition: HD

Hanging around is all part of the job!

Captivating characters and breath-taking visuals combine with amazing engineering, edge-of-your-seat repair challenges and fascinating science in this exclusive peek into the high-octane world of rope access technicians.

When America’s hardest to reach structures need repair, there are few people with the courage and expertise to handle the job. Enter elite rope access technician, Trask Bradbury. This series follows Bradbury and his team as they cross the US to undertake nerve-shredding work on some of America’s most impressive landmarks – everything from colossal dams and sweeping bridges to giant rollercoasters and towering statues. With just rope – and each other – for support, it’s a remarkable world of bravery, skill and ingenuity that has rarely ever been documented.