Extreme Ice Machines

Genre: Science & Engineering

Duration: 8x60

Year of Production: 2020

Production Company: Architect Films

Broadcaster: Science Channel

Definition: HD

Whether it’s part of the transportation team in the Antarctic or the safety squad at the world’s most northern airport, there is a machine that makes everything possible in the extreme cold.

Machines made for extreme weather are, by definition, durable, tough and essential. They are critical for human survival in conditions that are meant to kill us.

Humans have inhabited all regions of the planet. In the areas with extreme weather we have created machines that allow us to live and thrive. We have done this out of necessity. These machines are not optional, they are needed and depended upon.

Without the machines, we simply can’t survive. EXTREME ICE MACHINES is a celebration of these amazing inventions.

In each hour-long episode, we highlight three different extreme machines from across the planet. The series is hostless and the story is driven via narration.

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2020