Extreme Treks

Genre: Travel & Adventure, All

Duration: 4 series 25x60'

Year of Production: 2015 - 2021

Production Company: Ryan Pyle Productions

Broadcaster: Outside TV

Definition: HD

When Mother Nature gets tough, just keep walking

Ryan Pyle is an adventurer and renowned photographer who believes the best way to explore is to unplug from your life, leave your laptop behind and put yourself straight in the path of Mother Nature.

In this fourth series we follow Ryan step-by-step on his spiritual, cultural, and physically tough adventures as he spends time exploring and photographing some of the best and most extreme trekking locations in the world. These include the Chin Hills in Myanmar, the Simien Mountains on Ethiopia, the Tatra Mountains in Poland and the Via Alpina in Switzerland.

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2015

Series 2: 8x60 | HD | 2016

Series 3: 8x60 | HD | 2018

Series 4: 5x60 | HD | 2021