Footy Pups

Genre: Live Action, Pre-school

Duration: 60 x 15’

Year of Production: 2015 – 2016

Production Company: Dot To Dot Productions

Commissioned By: CBeebies UK

Definition: SD

Animated pups help train the sports stars of the future

Inspired by the desire to get children interested in sport and exercise from an early age, Footy Pups focuses on the world’s favourite game, football, and aims to encourage a new generation of sporting stars. Hosted by one of England’s most capped footballers, Rachel Yankey OBE, and featuring part live action and part animation, the show’s mission is to put the fun into kids football. In each episode Rachel teaches a different skill to a group of children and a 5-a-side team of animated puppies called the Footy Pups. Through the Footy Pup’s adventures and Rachel’s simple, fun practice drills and games, young viewers can learn a diverse range of skills for all sports and for life.

Series 1: 30 x 15’ 2015, Series 2: 30 x 15’ 2016

Nominated (2017): Best Children's Programme, Broadcast Awards