Forecast for Disaster – La Niña Strikes

Genre: Documentaries

Duration: 2 x 60’

Year of Production: 2011

Production Company: Beyond Productions and The Weather Channel Australia

Commissioned By: The Weather Channel Australia

Definition: SD

After 14 years of drought and below average rainfall, the Pacific Ocean weather phenomenon known as El Niño reversed and became its terrible sister La Niña. In just two years, Australia was scarred by devastating bushfires, record rain, tragic floods and ferocious cyclones. This series of natural catastrophes left Australians reeling and confused as they counted the cost. But from disaster can come understanding. These two episodes reveal the confluence of global weather patterns and how they set the stage for an unprecedented run of weather events that left the country worn. Combining eyewitness accounts, numbing images of destruction and insightful expert commentary, Forecast for Disaster – La Niña Strikes reveals the science behind the calamity. It’s a clear-eyed explanation of the weather maelstrom that tested Australia... and will do so again.

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Winner (2010): Most Outstanding Documentary, ASTRA Award