Genre: History

Duration: 1 x 33'

Year of Production: 2020

Production Company: The Media Brothers

Commissioned By: RTL Netherlands

Definition: HD

A unique and confrontational interrogation experience

In 1948, Albert Gemmeker, a German SS officer and former commander of the Dutch concentration camp Westerbork, finds himself in an interrogation room opposite a man unknown to him. It soon turns out that Gemmeker’s interrogator has a personal reason to force him to confess about his war past and the transportation of 80,000 Jews to the extermination camps.

This short film features a dramatic re-enactment based on the transcript of the interrogation of Albert Gemmeker by Westerbork survivor Mauritz Frankenhuis. Throughout the interrogation, Gemmeker insisted that he did not know what fate the Jews faced and that he was only following orders. Both moving and revelatory, the film also features never-before-seen footage of a deportation – recently restored and colourised - secretly filmed during the production of a promotional film about life in the Westerbork camp.