Get Squiggling Letters

Genre: Pre-school

Duration: 26 x 7’

Year of Production: 2013

Production Company: Dot To Dot Productions

Commissioned By: CBeebies UK

Definition: HD

Squiglet loves squiggling letters and he’s going to show you how to squiggle them too! Squiglet shows viewers how to write the letters of the alphabet using his trusty Squiggle Pad and Squiggle Sticks. The letter comes to life and leaps off the page and Squiglet then draws three quirky items beginning with the letter of the day. For the letter ‘a’ Squiglet draws an ant, an apple and an ambulance, which the audience has to try and spot during the story. For example he meets an ant that drops an apple on his foot and has to be taken to hospital by an ambulance. Get Squiggling Letters will encourage children to pick up their pen, pencil, crayon or paintbrush and get writing!

Nominated (2014): Best Mixed Media Children's, British Animation Awards