Granny Ink

Genre: Reality

Duration: 1x60

Year of Production: 2016

Production Company: Transparent TV

Broadcaster: Channel 5

Definition: HD

With a shocking rise in OAPs going under the needle, whether it’s to complete a full body tattoo suit or go under the needle for the very first time these pensioners are showing when it comes to tattoos there really is no age limit. In this show we follow 5 very different senior citizens on 5 very different tattoo journeys with each inking telling its own unique story. From a memorial to a lost loved one on a wrinkly wrist to a death defying skull tattooed to a balding head we find out what’s driving these OAPs to get inked and answer the age old question – What happens to a tattoo when you’re old?

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2016