Gym Stars

Genre: Live Action, 6+ Years, Kids

Duration: 80 x 30’

Year of Production: 2018 - 2021

Production Company: Drummer TV

Commissioned By: CBBC UK

Definition: HD

Following the real-life challenges of competitive young gymnasts

The next generation of Gym Stars are proving they have the talent and mental strength to climb to the top of their sport. This series goes behind the scenes to find out about the ups and downs of life for some of the UK’s most promising young gymnasts. Featuring gymnasts aged from 8–18, who travel the world to compete, the series follows the Elite Artistic teams to the British Championships, the Acrobatic Mixed Pair at the World Championships and the Rhythmic team as they battle to retain their British Championship Gold medal. Life isn’t always a smooth ride as relationships go through make-ups and break-ups as commitment to the sport impacts on friends and family. The sacrifices are immense, the pressures enormous, but the rewards can be huge.

Series 1: 20 x 30' 2018 
Series 2: 20 x 30' 2019
Series 3: 20 x 30' 2020
Series 4: 20 x 30' 2021