Help! I've Bought A Zoo

Genre: Reality, Animals, Pets & Vets

Duration: 1x60

Year of Production: 2016

Production Company: Crackit Productions

Broadcaster: Channel 4

Definition: SD

Anna Ryder Richardson and her husband Colin MacDougal have paid a million pounds for a zoo in Tenby – Wales. It’s a neglected private zoo in the middle of an agricultural part of Wales. But Anna, Colin, and their pal and zoologist Jake Vassey have big plans for it. They want to turn it into the first green zoo in the UK, every animal will be endangered and even the toys they sell in the shop will be from ethical and sustainable sources. But, they also need to make money as they’ve sunk everything they have into the project.

However, it becomes apparent early on that this is not going to be easy. Having fallen out with Jake, Anna and Colin intend to go it alone. In the coming months before opening day, they need to learn how to feed animals, how to care for them and how to bring in the crowds.

Series 1: 1x60 | SD | 2008