How Hacks Work

Genre: Science & Engineering

Duration: 30x30

Year of Production: 2018

Production Company: Woodcut Media

Broadcaster: Viasat

Definition: HD

How Hacks Work is a fun light-hearted series that looks at the best, worst and weirdest ways to solve everyday issues where an unusual item or idea could come to the rescue!

Using footage from YouTubers and the viewing public, How Hacks Work features a unique panel of comedians and scientists who come together to deconstruct the most talked about and hilarious ‘How To…’ videos from around the world. The panel offer insights into the science behind these hacks, breaking them down into entertaining bitesize chunks, as they are brought to life through real-life demonstrations by extreme engineering expert Mike Sansom and his “human guinea pig”, comedian Stephen Grant.

From Dorito-lighting barbeques, to a power drill pencil sharpener, walking your pet dog with a drone, or a remote-control car snack that gets you exercising without realising it - each episode features clips covering a specific theme (cooking, technology, cars, sport, health and DIY) all culminating in the grand finale ‘epic hack’.

Series 1: 30x30 | HD | 2018