Genre: Live Action, Pre-school

Duration: 26 x 30’

Year of Production: 2010 – 2011

Production Company: Create Media Ventures Ltd with Phuuz Entertainment Inc. in association with Dinamo Productions

Commissioned By: CBeebies UK

Definition: HD

Iconicles is an innovative entertainment property for older pre-schoolers that takes the audience on a journey of exploration and discovery while encouraging creative and critical thinking about the world around them. Guided by our energetic young host, Nat, we make friends with the Iconicles, a troupe of quirky animated animals at home in their very special worlds, and also join in the fun when they pop through Nat’s amazing interactive screen to play in ours. The screen becomes a two-way portal and the characters seamlessly transform from 2D into 3D. Marrying the best of traditional animated storytelling with the latest in digital technology, Iconicles has a fast-paced, flexible modular format that supports a wide range of multi-platform extensions, ensuring that it will engage and tickle young audiences everywhere. Based on an original idea by Lois Lee and Executive Producer Eric Radomski, in association with Foothill Entertainment Inc.