Income Property

Genre: Home & Garden

Duration: 116 x 30’ + 41 x 60’

Year of Production: 2008 – 2016

Production Company: RTR Media and SKIT Inc

Commissioned By: HGTV Canada

Definition: SD & HD

Income Property rescues first time homeowners from the brutal property market by building income-producing flats within their existing home to help offset mortgage payments and increase the property's value. Host Scott McGillivray will offer design options, prepare plans and manage the construction of a rental flat within their participating couple's home. Income Property is a bright show with a clever and fresh premise. An income generating property helps young homeowners make their real estate choice a liveable one.

Series 2 - 11 produced in HD.

Series 11

Have you always dreamt of owning a vacation property but can’t afford to carry two big mortgages? Scott McGillivray is taking Income Property on the road in Season 11 with 14 new vacation episodes! Scott shows homeowners how they can add value to their vacation properties, and turn their investment into profit. With thoughtful and well-executed renovations, vacation properties generate weekly profit throughout the seasons. Scott delivers these vacation dreams as fast as possible while still finding time to enjoy a little fun for himself. So slap on some sunscreen, buckle your snowboard, and let’s hit the profit trail.

Series 10

In Season 10 of Income Property, Scott McGillivray continues to helps families afford their dreams. Who couldn’t use a little more cash in their pockets? Income Property helps everyone; from those struggling to pay their mortgage, helping pay for care of aging parents, sending your kids to college or someone looking to afford a vacation home. Scott will deliver their dream as fast as possible. This Season Scott builds three different income properties that transform these homes into Million Dollar properties.

Series 9

From student rentals to swanky executive suites, Income Property’s ninth season runs the renovation gamut, serving up bigger renovations and better-than-ever reveals. Season nine sees Scott have the camera turned on him by a documentary filmmaker, butting heads with a homeowner over options, and putting his wrestling skills to the test – literally.

Series 8

Real-estate investor and contractor Scott McGillivray leads buyers through the house hunt and renovation of their first income-generating property. This award-winning series continues to make homeowners’ financial dreams a reality. Scott guides them through the entire process of buying the house, building the suite and then banking the rental cheques. Every episode delivers an incredible reveal and a financial transformation that feels like a lottery win for the owners.

Series 7

The NEW Income Property has exploded into a house hunt and renovation series. In season seven, the show grows to one hour, with the addition of a three-house real estate story. Scott partners with homeowners who want to purchase an income property to make their financial dreams a reality. He guides them through the entire process; buying the house, building the suite, and banking the rental cheques.

Series 6

Host Scott McGillivray is a hot commodity who knows all about hot properties – he owns over 20 income-generating homes that he has converted and renovated himself. In every episode of the series, now in its sixth season, Scott offers design options, prepares plans for a conversion and manages the construction of a rental suite. The key is organization and planning. Scott has honed his skills over hundreds of renovation projects, and it shows. He exudes confidence and skill and his easy-going manner and engaging wit help lead homeowners through the ups and downs of renovating their income suite. A renovation is never easy but Scott makes it happen and he makes it fun. The best part - an income suite with great earning potential delivered in record time.

Series 5

Income Property delivers efficient and cost effective renovations designed to help homeowners. What’s more, the reveals demonstrate that there is elegance and beauty in the most simple and straightforward design choices. With the help of state of the art renovation plans enhanced by dazzling CGI and three-dimensional animation, host Scott McGillivray shows our homeowners the path to success. With homeowner budgets in mind and clever design ideas, Scott delivers sleek and smart rental suites. In a constantly changing real estate world, the only way in is Scott’s way out: an income property that generates money and helps homeowners make their real-estate choice a livable one.

Series 1: 13 x 30’ 2008 
Series 2: 13 x 30' 2009 
Series 3: 13 x 30' 2010 
Series 4: 13 x 30' + 1 x 60' Special 2010 
Series 5: 13 x 30' + 1 x 60' Special 2011
Series 6: 13 x 30' 2012
Series 7: 13 x 60' 2013
Series 8: 13 x 60' 2013
Series 9: 13 x 60' 2014
Series 10: 24 x 30' 2015
Series 11: 14 x 30’ 2016

Winner (2016): Best Lifestyle Program or Series, Canadian Screen Awards

Winner (2015): Best Lifestyle or Talk Program or Series, Canadian Screen Awards

Winner (2015): Best Direction in a Lifestyle/Practical Information Program or Series, Canadian Screen Awards