Inside Hitler's Bunker: The Last Archives

Genre: History, All

Duration: 1 x 60'

Year of Production: 2019

Production Company: T2MP

Commissioned By: RMC Decouverte

Definition: HD

On April 30th 1945, inside Hitler’s bunker, as the Soviet army advance, the deluded and increasingly paranoid Adolf Hitler commits suicide. On the very same day, the Soviets hoist their red flag on top of the Reichstag and a week later, the Armistice is signed. World War II is officially over.

Almost 75 years later, new evidence has emerged which reveals what really happened inside the bunker during the last hours of the Third Reich.  Through dramatic historical re-enactments, this fascinating documentary follows the tracks of five soldiers who were able to enter the bunker after the war and reveals the secret documents that were found.

Accompanied by in-depth analysis by experts and historians of the Third Reich, viewers will discover more about the last days of one of the worst dictators ever, and the end of World War II.