Inside British Airways

Genre: Documentaries, Reality & Entertainment

Duration: 4x60

Year of Production: 2019

Production Company: Title Role Productions

Broadcaster: Channel 5

Definition: HD

2019 marks the 100-year anniversary of British Airways – one of the worlds most famous airlines. Now in this monumental year, BA have given exclusive access to Title Role. Allowing cameras inside every area of the company to show how the airline deals with the ups and downs of the modern aviation business.

Running a successful airline has never been harder - the skies are crowded with competitors, passengers are more demanding and the days of BA having the monopoly on international travel from the UK are long gone. So what do they do to make sure they stay ahead of the competition? With a combination of fascinating and exclusive access, intimate actuality with staff across the business and sumptuous archive, we reveal exactly how BA hope to regain the number one spot in the skies.

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2019