The Inspectors

Genre: Reality

Duration: 53 x 30’

Year of Production: 2004 – 2013

Production Company: Top Shelf Productions

Commissioned By: TVNZ New Zealand

Definition: SD & HD

The Inspectors follows public health inspectors on the front line of filth, pollution and illegal operation. It’s their mission to keep us safe as they strive to protect us and our environment; preventing the spread of lethal contaminants, deadly disease, dangerous pests and unlawful activity. There’s never a dull moment on the job as we capture the frustrations, confrontations and victories of our inspectors who take us everywhere; from rat-infested restaurants to maggot-ridden homes, out-of-control bars, contaminated creeks and even through city sewers – all for the sake of protecting public health! 

Note: Series one and two are titled The Filth Files.

Series 1: 20 x 30’ 2004
Series 2: 13 x 30’ 2006
Series 3: 10 x 30’ 2009
Series 4: 10 x 30’ 2013 HD

Winner (2006): Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Television Awards
Winner (2006): Silver Award, Houston International Film Festival
Winner (2004): Gold Remi Award, Houston International Film Festival