Love It or List It: Australia

Genre: Lifestyle & Food, Feelgood Programming, Spring 2021

Duration: 43 x 60’

Year of Production: 2017 – 2021

Production Company: Beyond Productions

Commissioned By: Foxtel Australia

Definition: HD

It's time for homeowners Down Under to decide

One of the world’s most successful TV formats goes Down Under to help homeowners who aren’t happy with their living space to Love It or List It. New hosts, Selling Houses Australia favourite Andrew Winter and interior expert Neale Whitaker, go head-to-head to work out the best solution. Design guru Whitaker has a redesign in mind. Taking on the home owners’ extensive renovation wish lists and a finite budget, will he be able to work his magic and show his clients that they can fall back in love with their current home? For Andrew Winter, the challenge is to find a new place they can call home. Again, with a strict budget and unwavering requirements, he’ll have a hard time convincing the owners to trade in their abode for something unknown. Whether it’s a family of nine who have outgrown a three-bedroom bungalow, empty nesters contemplating a change of scene, or newlyweds looking to upgrade to a family home, they all need help to decide whether to Love It or List It.

Series 3

The latest series promises more spectacular makeovers, more incredible new properties to view and more laughs, thanks to our charismatic hosts, Andrew Winter and Neale Whitacker. Together our hosts are on a mission to help ten grateful couples, including a South Australian Border Patrol officer who is short on time with a large house to maintain and some serious storage issues, not to mention five people and one bathroom. There is also a barrister from Melbourne whose family’s bathroom faces directly onto their front door, and a giant former AFL player who must bend down every time he walks through his kitchen door!

Series 2

As shown in the first series, our hosts, real-estate property expert Andrew Winter and interior designer Neale Whitaker, are never afraid to meet a challenge head on and this new series offers plenty of them! They tackle the problems faced by a retired NRL football player who needs help to solve his growing family needs in one of the smallest homes ever featured. They also meet a young family in Brisbane who have outgrown their house but not their garage, and an Army Major in South Australia with itchy feet and a wife who refuses to budge. What unites them all is a desperate need for help to decide whether to Love It or List It.

Series 1

Love It or List It is already a hugely successful global franchise, and the all-Australian version of the show teams up real estate expert Andrew Winter and esteemed interiors expert Neale Whitaker. Every week, Neale explores the potential of each house by transforming it, while Andrew showcases new and exciting real estate possibilities, leaving families to answer the all-important, life-changing question: Love it? Or list it?

Series 1: 10 x 60' 2017

Series 2: 13 x 60' 2018

Series 3: 10 x 60' 2019

Series 4: 10 x 60' 2020/21