Maternity 24/7

Genre: Reality

Duration: 6x60

Year of Production: 2020

Production Company: Chalkboard TV

Broadcaster: 5Star

Definition: HD

Where pregnancy ends and new life begins

The reality of childbirth is laid bare in this uplifting documentary series following expectant parents hoping for the perfect birth at The Royal Preston Hospital’s award-winning maternity unit. Nearly 4,500 babies are born here every year, and, in each episode, we follow two sets of parents navigating the final stages of pregnancy.

When it comes to the big day, will their best-laid birth plans play out? From water births to emergency Caesareans, we’re up close at every unexpected turn, witnessing the pain, laughter, heartache, and joy as a dedicated maternity team welcomes the next generation into the world.

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2020