Money For Nothing

Genre: Formats, Reality

Duration: 4 Series 100x60

Year of Production: 2015 - 2017

Production Company: Friel Kean Films

Broadcaster: BBC One

Definition: HD

A brand new vibrant daytime series for BBC 1, which is now getting a primetime makeover. In each episode, presenter Sarah Moore saves three things from being dumped at the rubbish tip, transforms them into bespoke and valuable pieces, then returns the profit back to the people who had no idea there was cash to be made from their trash…

Whether it be a bathtub, a stepladder or a Monopoly board, Sarah has innovative ways and exciting craftsmen on hand to redesign and upcycle the unwanted items. Armed with imagination, clever tricks and a black book of accomplished carpenters, ironmongers and designers, Sarah oversees the complete transformation of objects. The series is full of takeaway information and ideas that anyone could try at home, as well as insight into the world of professional design.

Series 1: 15x60 | HD | 2015

Series 2: 25x60 | HD | 2016

Series 3: 30x60 | HD | 2016

Series 4: 30x60 | HD | 2017