Monster Food

Genre: Lifestyle & Food

Duration: 1x60

Year of Production: 2019

Production Company: Windfall Films

Definition: HD

"Monster Food” is a new factual, food, science and technology documentary which explores how the world’s biggest dishes are cooked up, revealing the innovative and extraordinary logistics of how they are created.

A variety of different food specialities are seen, from mammoth Pizzas and super-sized Burgers to the British Scotch Egg! Everyday mechanical items are featured showing how these creations were made.

Filming in the USA and the UK, the programme comprises interviews with designers and chefs explaining the engineering challenges involved in designing their equipment and food products. We go behind the scenes and film in the restaurants as they serve up these behemoth delicacies and show the unique and quirky ways in which they are produced especially on a mass scale.

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2019