Motor MythBusters

Genre: Auto

Duration: 8x60'

Year of Production: 2021

Production Company: Beyond Productions

Broadcaster: MotorTrend (Discovery), US

Definition: HD

The automotive treat that takes science to the streets

Former MythBusters presenter Tory Belleci, along with sassy mechanic Faye Hadley, and engineer extraordinaire Bisi Ezerioha host an extension to one of television’s most popular factual formats by taking science to the streets and putting car-related pop culture, viral videos, and urban legends under the microscope.

This entertaining series delivers undiscovered facts and applies rigorous science to everything from Hollywood car stunts to everyday automotive questions that grind the gears of car owners and enthusiasts. Along the way, we’ll see if you can increase turbocharger boost pressure with just the pop-tab from a soda can and a length of wire - like Vin Diesel did in Fast and Furious 8 - and find out if a normal human being could propel the Flintstone’s car – complete with huge stone rollers and solid tree trucks - using just their leg power!