Genre: Science & Engineering

Duration: 276 x 60’ + 4 x 120’

Year of Production: 2003 – 2017

Production Company: Beyond Productions and Discovery Channel USA

Commissioned By: Discovery Channel USA

Definition: SD & HD

Have you ever watched a movie and thought ‘could that happen?’ or heard a wacky myth and were curious to see if there was truth to it? Well thanks to the dynamic duo, Adam and Jamie, along with the enthusiastic team Kari, Tory and Grant, those questions now have answers! MythBusters use their explosive mixture of science, engineering, ingenuity and luck to not only retell the myths but also put them to the test for your entertainment. Adam and Jamie have teamed up with some of Hollywood’s most famous to crack the myths our viewers want answers to. So if you’re in for a scientifically tested ride, then MythBusters is the show for you.

Series 5 - 11 produced in HD.

Series 10

Adam and Jamie are at the helm as they tackle myths bigger and better than ever before. The team attempt to build a trebuchet with nothing but the talented duct tape and some 2 x 4’s. Using an explosive we’ve never used before – land mines - is it possible to navigate a minefield with a hovercraft? Testing a viral sensation, the duo see if the ‘Instant Shrimp’ is possible by firing shrimp from a cannon which then pass through egg, flour and flavouring before being engulfed by a mighty fireball whereupon they are cooked to perfection. In addition to that, there’s a whole episode devoted to a behind-the-scenes look at how we make MythBusters plus a whole episode where we focus on the biggest stories we’ve ever tackled.

Series 9

MythBusters is back with a bang! This is MythBusters 2.0 – reinvented for 2015 with a whole new look and style. It’s bigger, it’s faster and quite frankly, it’s better than ever! This series is all about fan favourites Adam and Jamie as they tackle the most intriguing and spectacular myths yet. Their builds are more extensive, the science is more complex and the camera arsenal is epic and world class. They delve into the video game industry, kiss the edge of space and build a weapon worthy of the A-Team. The Simpsons, Indiana Jones and Breaking Bad specials also throw in the odd celebrity or two. Adam and Jamie have literally put blood, sweat and tears into making this the best series yet.

Series 8

It’s time to crack open the champagne and celebrate in style as 2013 marks the ten year anniversary of MythBusters being spectacularly launched into people’s living rooms! To mark this momentous milestone, the MythBusters have put together the best season in history, now with more explosions, more car carnage, more celebrity cameos and more spectacle than ever before! The guys start by going full circle with JATO: Mission Accomplished - the myth that started it all. Adam and Jamie team up with James Cameron to do a Titanic Special that involves the most requested myth we’ve ever tackled on the show. The captains from Deadliest Catch ship up to San Francisco to put myths from the Bering Sea to the test. And if that weren’t enough, Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan also become honorary MythBusters in our Breaking Bad Special.

Series 7

There are many ways to describe MythBusters but rather than plunder the thesaurus, it seems more appropriate to examine the data. Now in its 7th series, 769 myths have been tested by 2,391 experiments. What other show has destroyed 128 vehicles or used 12,000 kilograms of explosives in the name of science? Sit back and strap yourselves in, because this series is going to be a wild ride as the MythBusters unveil their latest bag of tricks – from movie myths to viral videos, from thought experiments to idioms, from fan requests to historical anecdotes – no stone is left unturned. Adam and Jamie try to walk on water, explode sewers full of methane and find out if you can dodge a sniper’s bullet. Kari, Tory and Grant mount a car on a rocket sled, drop a car off a 500-foot cliff and finally, after almost 200 shows, get their hands on a bazooka!

Series 6

There are a lot of ways to describe the latest season of the award-winning Mythbusters but perhaps the most apt is that it’s “science on steroids”. Adam and Jamie leave no stone unturned in their quest for the scientific truth as they put myths to the test and answer the questions that keep people awake at night. From the sublime to the ridiculous, the Mythbusters microscope has never before been so spectacular. You are bound to get a laugh as the team swim in syrup, slip on bananas, walk on fire, set fire to one million matches, dive with sharks, build a speedboat out of newspaper and deliberately try to roll a bus. Of course it goes without saying that no season of Mythbusters is complete without what has come to be the very ethos – the explosion – and there are more of these than ever before!

Series 1: 16 x 60’ 2003 
Series 2: 26 x 60’ & 7 x 60’ Specials 2005 
Series 3: 29 x 60’ & 1 x 60’ Special 2005 
Series 4: 29 x 60’ + 1 x 120’ & 1 x 60' + 1 x 120' Specials 2005 
Series 5: 30 x 60’ & 1 x 120’ Special 2008
Series 6: 30 x 60’ & 1 x 120’ Special 2009
Series 7: 30 x 60’ & 6 x 60’ Specials 2011
Series 8: 30 x 60’ 2012
Series 9: 13 x 60’ 2013
Series 10: 12 x 60’ & 2 x 60’ Specials 2015
Series 11: 14 x 60’ 2017

Nominated (2016): Outstanding Structured Reality Program, Emmy® Award
Nominated (2015): Outstanding Structured Reality Program, Emmy® Award
Nominated (2014): Outstanding Structured Reality Program, Emmy® Award